Receive clear, accurate guidance and inspiration

I access higher guidance for you. Advice is offered on how best to proceed, to keep you aligned with choices that serve your highest good.

Practical, accessible and inspiring ways you can support your ongoing learning, growth and healing journey is also offered.

You will have more awareness of the love and support available to you. You will be left with greater understanding, clarity, confidence and peace.

Readings are offered in person and also over the phone or via Skype.

90 minute session, $140 / $100 concession

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Amazing Experience

“The Psychic Reading with Stefan was a very amazing experience for me. I didn’t have to tell Stefan my questions. He answered all of the questions inside my heart.

During the session I had a feeling of wanting to cry. Before I felt like no one knows me and now finally someone understands me.

Stefan kindly guided me. He told me about some of my talents and ways I can really own them, and also areas of myself I can improve. I got a lot from this reading.”

Ting Yu Cheng

Awesome reading!

“During a Psychic Reading I had with Stefan, I felt understood. I received a lot of clarity and a sense that I’m on the right path, I’m not crazy, along with some helpful pointers about what to do next.

I was afraid it wouldn’t relate to me at all, it would miss the mark. Inauthentic. But it was totally spot on, very true, undeniable.

I liked how easy it was to book and arrive and then BANG, here we go! Straight into it. I liked being able to ask questions.

Go see Stefan to get clarity about what you’re feeling unsure about. He has an amazing ability to tune into exactly where you’re at and speak to what you need to hear.”

Caitlyn Cook
Coach & Facilitator at