This class is an introduction to energetic clearing.

Just as personal physical hygiene is important, whether it is washing, taking a shower, having a bath, brushing teeth, washing clothes or doing the dishes, it is also highly beneficial to consciously clean and clear own personal energetic space.

Simply by living our lives, during the day we are often energetically touching, mingling and subtly collecting various types of energy that don’t belong to us, and often don’t serve us.

Conscious energetic clearing is also a crucial step if we choose to work in any ways that involves energy exchange, offering readings, channelling, healing work, mediation, body work, massage and any other work that involves interacting with another persons energy field, including their mental, emotion and physical space.

During this class simple well-defined steps will be shared to help you become more aware of energetic clearing and ways you can begin practicing energetic clearing on yourself.

Classes are held in Coburg, Melbourne. The session runs for two hours and there is the opportunity for a cup of tea and chat afterwards.

You might be interested in the whole 6 week Essence Experience Series, or if you have a special interest in one of the themes you are welcome to attend that event, if space is available. The number of participants is limited.

6 week Essence Experience Series – $210 – $180 concession
Per class – $40 – $35 concession

For more information or to book in call, 0422 938 613
or email, Stefan Markworth

Contact us and we will let you know when the next series starts.