Supporting your experience of
essence, truth, love and oneness.

People’s Experiences


Psychic Readings

Receive clear, accurate guidance and inspiration. Advice is offered to help you be aligned with choices that serve your highest good. You will be left with greater understanding, clarity, confidence and peace.

90 minute session
$140 / $100 concession


Relax and allow energetic, clearing, alignment and integration, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. After the healing there is consultation time to bring clarity about what occurred during the healing.

90 minute session
$140 / $100 concession

Past Lives

You will see, feel and experience 1-3 past lives. Healing and consultation is also offered to help you integrate your past life experiences.

3 hour session
$280 / $200 concession

Essence Experiences

You are guided and supported to clear your energy, be in your heart centre and experience your essence, to feel and receive unconditional love, healing, guidance and inspiration.

90 minute session
$140 / $100 concession

Intuitive Coaching

I offer one-on-one Intuitive Coaching sessions where I access higher guidance and support for your personal development. I also teach and coach you to access higher guidance and inspiration for yourself.

1 hour discovery session

Essence Experience Classes

Learn skills to access higher guidance, divine love and healing. Develop your intuition, psychic and channelling abilities in accessible and practical ways.

5 week block
$180$155 concession

Per class
$40$35 concession