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People’s Experiences

The reading I had with Stefan was unlike one I have ever had before. It has been very useful to me. He gained relevant insight into my current circumstances and gave sound advice on how to deal with it. All this occurred with minimal input from me. I would strongly recommend.

Jessica ZammitPHD Student, Molecular Science

I was surprised by the emotional depth and accuracy of my reading with Stefan. Without any leading questions from me, his reading pinpointed the main areas that I was struggling with, and gave me insights to explore further. Some of these were areas that I felt quite emotionally vulnerable around, and Stefan held the session lightly with intent, and made the space very safe. When I did start to ask questions, the clarity that was offered was helpful and precise. I’ve had other people do readings for me but never have I had one that was so finely tuned and precise. If you’re feeling drawn to having a reading, I’d definitely recommend seeing Stefan.

Brenda SharpeArt Therapist & Student

The Psychic Reading with Stefan was a very amazing experience for me. I didn’t have to tell Stefan my questions. He answered all of the questions inside my heart. During the session I had a feeling of wanting to cry. Before I felt like no one knows me and now finally someone understands me. Stefan kindly guided me. He told me about some of my talents and ways I can really own them, and also areas of myself I can improve. I got a lot from this reading

Ting Yu Cheng Student

During a Psychic Reading I had with Stefan, I felt understood. I received a lot of clarity and a sense that I’m on the right path, I’m not crazy, along with some helpful pointers about what to do next. I was afraid it wouldn’t relate to me at all, it would miss the mark. Inauthentic. But it was totally spot on, very true, undeniable. I liked how easy it was to book and arrive and then BANG, here we go! Straight into it. I liked being able to ask questions. Go see Stefan to get clarity about what you’re feeling unsure about. He has an amazing ability to tune into exactly where you’re at and speak to what you need to hear

Caitlyn CookCoach & Facilitator at

Stefan was really committed to insuring that I contact my own inner guidance. I found that after only one session with him, I was able to move firmly into a powerful decision about my health. The result of that decision has been life changing.

Nathalie BrewerFounder at

Stefan Markworth is a beautiful soul and has been my mentor for over 2 years. I first joined Stefan’s Meditation classes to help me calm my mind to enhance my Acting skills. I had no awareness at the time how much it was going to change my life. Stefan taught me to access my natural ability to seek truth, trust my intuition and receive mental clarity through my heart space. I am now unlearning old behaviour patterns that do not serve me and connecting with my higher self. I am opening up channels to my psychic abilities, which are developing fast. I always look forward to my classes with Stefan as I leave feeling joyful, energised and clear. I am truly grateful to have him as my teacher. He is gifted and genuine.

Mellissa BearActor / Dancer / Groovy Face & Body Art at

Over the last three years I have experienced Stefan’s guided meditations, which always bring new awareness, and professional readings, which have been proven to be very accurate counsel. I deeply valued his stable, masculine presence, which always honoured my feelings and authentic experiences. When I was processing my own journey and insights, he listened and reflected the wisdom that was evolving within me. In times when I experienced grief and despair he offered stability and the universal reminder that as difficult as things were – it was temporary. Stefan embodies a deeply sacred masculine presence and a wealth of refined spiritual practices.

Michelle IrvingStrategic Policy Advisor, Partnership Manager, Personal Development Coach and Mentor at

I was thoroughly blown away with how visceral and powerful the experience was. The two past lives I experienced were profoundly real to me. It was like unlocking parts of myself and bringing them into the now. They were very different from one another. I discovered strengths and possibilities for myself, I remembered lessons and felt emotions very strongly. They rally came to life! It was a little bit like reuniting with old friends. Stefan has a remarkable way of taking you deep with a gentle and relaxing manner. I felt completely safe, supported and guided. I was moved by his level of presence and care. It was a really wonderful and insightful experience and birthday gift to myself.

Yoyoe AmicusArt Therapist / Teen Life Coach at


Psychic Readings

Receive clear, accurate guidance and inspiration. Advice is offered to help you be aligned with choices that serve your highest good. You will be left with greater understanding, clarity, confidence and peace.

90 minute session, $140 / $100 concession


Relax and allow energetic, clearing, alignment and integration, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. After the healing there will be a consultation time to bring clarity about what occurred during the healing.

90 minute session, $140 / $100 concession

Past Life Sessions

You will see, feel and experience 1-3 past lives. Healing and consultation is also offered to help you integrate your past life experiences.

3 hour session, $280 / $200 concession

Essence Experience Sessions

You are guided and supported to clear your energy, be in your heart centre and experience your essence, to feel and receive unconditional love, healing, guidance and inspiration.

90 minute session, $140 / $100 concession

Intuitive Coaching

I offer one-on-one Intuitive Coaching sessions where I access higher guidance and support for your personal development. I also teach and coach you to access higher guidance and inspiration for yourself.

1 hour Discovery Session, FREE

I am based in Coburg. Readings and Discovery Sessions are offered in person and also over the phone or via Skype.

To book in call – 0422 938 613

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