Hi, I’m Stefan…

I am here to support your experience of essence, truth, love and oneness.

I am an intuitive guide, healer and teacher. I offer clear, accurate guidance and a calm, gentle, healing energy supported by deep presence.

I am available for Psychic Readings, Healings, Past Lives and Essence Expereince sessions. I also offer weekly classes and one-one-one Intuitive Coaching sessions.

How I work

These principles define my work with you…


I bring years of dedication to refining spiritual practices and finely tuned psychic abilities to support you.

I ensure that the space I hold for you is clear, safe and professional.


I embody a calm, gentle, healing energy.

I bring compassion, empathy and support to what you are experiencing.


We access higher guidance, awareness and wisdom to help you experience truth with clarity.

I support you to live your life in alignment with what serves your highest good.


With hope and inspiration, I offer you ways to make the most of whatever life offers you.

I help you foster trust and faith in yourself, in other people and in the universe.


I empower you with experience.

I share safe, accessible tools and techniques, to help you to face your blocks, discover your strengths, and find new possibilities for positive change.


At the core of my work is the sacred intention to assist you to feel and experience your essence and the way we are all one with all there is.

After a session with me you will feel greater peace, joy and clarity. You will be more in touch with your essence and experience unconditional love.

To experience how I can help you, Book a Session.