Feel and share the truth of your essence

Essence Experience Classes are a unique opportunity for ongoing learning and growth within a supportive group. An open space of unconditional love and non-judgment is held for healing, personal development, transformation and genuine self-enquiry, to help you feel and experience your essence and deepen your conscious awareness of oneness.


The classes are experiential in nature offering you direct tangible experiences to help you develop and embody your practice. Over time classes offer a deepening experience in the following areas,

• Experience and practice heart centred meditation.

• Develop your intuition, psychic, and channelling abilities.

• Develop a working relationship with your personal spirit guide.

• Connect with spiritual masters who offer their own specific ways and experience to assist you.

• Be in touch and feel the support of the earth, deva and animal realms.

• Feel the love, support and guidance of your higher self.

• Work with healing energy for yourself and others.

• Feel and experience the assistance of angels.

• Experience past lives.

• See and understand your path and life’s lessons. Gentle loving support is offered to assist you to face your blocks and shadow aspects and techniques are shared to help you transmute and integrate these with love.

• Learn tools such as somatic healing, bodywork, breathwork and other non-judgmental approaches to assist you with your own self-enquiry, healing journey, learning and growth.

• Be centred and grounded with greater presence, in union with your essence and the physical expression of this through your body.

Each classes is completed with a guided meditation. We gently close down, ground ourselves and put protection in place.

The sessions run for two hours and there is the opportunity for a cup of tea and chat afterwards.

Classes are held in Coburg, Melbourne.

6 week series $210 – $180 concession
Per class $40 – $35 concession

For more information or to book in call, 0422 938 613
or email, Stefan Markworth