Essence Experience Series

Be supported to access the love, wisdom and support of your soul.

The six week Essence Experience Series is designed to help you develop your intuition, psychic and channelling abilities in safe, accessible and practical ways.

You will learn skills to access higher guidance, divine love and healing.

A safe space of unconditional love and non-judgment is held for healing, transformation and genuine self-enquiry, to help you feel and experience your essence and expand your awareness of oneness.

After a brief check in, each session begins with a guided meditation that involves energetic clearing and protection.

We then experientially explore a new theme each week.

Week 1

Prayer & Invocation

Week 2

Energetic Clearing & Protection

Week 3

Meet Your Personal Spirit Guide

Week 4

Angelic Energies

Week 5

Guided Meditation

Week 6


Each class is completed with a guided meditation. We gently close down, ground ourselves and put protection in place.

Classes are held in Coburg, Melbourne on Monday evenings from 7-9pm.

You might be interested in the whole 6 week Essence Experience Series, or if you have a special interest in one of the themes you are welcome to attend that event, if space is available.


6 week Essence Experience Series
$240$195 concession

Per class
$45$38 concession

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Stefan is gifted and genuine.

Enlightening, enriching and liberating.

Magical, mind blowing, and very restorative.

Stefan is a wonderful authentic teacher.

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