Monday 26th November at 7pm

This class is an opportunity for you to feel and experience the presence of angels and angelic energy.

Angels and the way they assist people is steeped in history, writings and vivid artwork. This event is an opportunity for you to put aside whatever ideas you might have about what angels are and what they look like and be open to feeling their presence, energy, love, light and wisdom for yourself. All you need to bring is an open mind and an open heart.

From my experience angels offer and share the most amazing, exquisite energy, love and light. Different angels have areas of speciality and expertise such as healing, clarity and truth, unconditional love and oneness.

During this class you will have the opportunity to feel the presence of an angel that is here for you, what that angel has to offer and how it can help you.

Classes are held in Coburg, Melbourne. The session runs for two hours and there is the opportunity for a cup of tea and chat afterwards.

You might be interested in the whole 6 week Essence Experience Series, or if you have a special interest in one of the themes you are welcome to attend that event, if space is available. The number of participants is limited.

6 week Essence Experience Series $240 – $195 concession
Per class $45 – $38 concession

For more information call, 0422 938 613
or email,