Monday 5th November at 7pm

During this class we will demystify what praying is and offer practical ways to approach praying. You will be offered tools to help you clarify and compose your own prayers to seed conscious intentions.

A good way to describe praying is,
Praying is a conscious participation in creation and manifestation.

This class will cover,

• What is praying?
• Do we need to be religious to pray?
• How does praying work?
• How to compose an effective prayer?
• Who / what are we praying to?
• What part does faith and trust play in praying?
• Clarifying intention.
• Focusing energy on what is being asked for.
• Invoking the energy that can best help manifest the request.
• Letting go and allowing the request to be met in a way that serves you and all involved.

This class is also an opportunity to share you own experiences of praying.

Please bring an idea for something you would like to pray for. Time will be spent to help you clarify and compose your prayer and the group will help hold and support this.

For me personally, prayer and invocation is a crucial part of my daily practice and especially for any work I do with clients.

Classes are held in Coburg, Melbourne. The session runs for two hours and there is the opportunity for a cup of tea and chat afterwards.

You might be interested in the whole 6 week Essence Experience Series, or if you have a special interest in one of the themes you are welcome to attend that event, if space is available. The number of participants is limited.

6 week Essence Experience Series $240 – $195 concession
Per class $45 – $38 concession

For more information call, 0422 938 613
or email,