Intuitive Coaching

Access the best possible support for your personal development.

I offer one-on-one Intuitive Coaching sessions where I access higher guidance and support for your personal development.

I bring highly developed intuition and psychic abilities to my work. The guidance I offer you is clear and accurate. I tell you what you really need to know and what can genuinely help you.

I focus on supporting you to explore, develop and nurture your relationship with yourself and your Soul. From a healthier and enhanced relationship with the truth of yourself, vastly improved situations, opportunities, and relationships will follow.

I also teach you how to access higher guidance and inspiration for yourself.


3 Session


6 Session


12 Session


I invite you to book a FREE one hour Discovery Session.

In the Discovery Session we find out if and how one-on-one Intuitive Coaching can best assist you.

I actively listen to you, intuitively and energetically. I then offer clear and accurate guidance and support.

If you decide that Intuitive Coaching sessions will benefit you, we collaboratively determine the number and types of sessions that will best support you and your goals.

A set of three, six or twelve sessions are offered, delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

A personal customised plan is developed for you, and adjusted from session to session. This includes, reflections, meditations, practices and actions that are tailor made for you.

Sessions are offered over the phone and via Zoom.

Stefan is gifted and genuine.

Magical, mind blowing, and very restorative.

Stefan is a wonderful authentic teacher.