Past Lives

See and feel 1 – 3 past lives and be helped to integrate your experiences.

Experiencing past lives is an amazing way to bring context, understanding and clarity to your present life and circumstances.

In a safe and gentle way, I guide you to a subtle meditative state. From this relaxed state, you actually see, feel and experience your past lives. They arrive to you like a cross between a memory and a dream.

You will experience key moments and events of one, two or three past lives.

Healing takes place during the session and I assist you to release past energies you no longer need to carry.

I also provide consultation time about what you relived, to help you understand and integrate what serves you in your present life.

A Past Live Session also gives you a greater understanding and experience of the eternal nature of your soul.

3 hour session, $280 / $200 concession

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“I saw a post online and was drawn to having a past life session with Stefan, although I had not always been open to the idea of past lives when I was younger, something was telling me this was the session I needed. I was thoroughly blown away with how visceral and powerful the experience was. The two past lives I experienced were profoundly real to me. It was like unlocking parts of myself and bringing them into the now. They were very different from one another. I discovered strengths and possibilities for myself, I remembered lessons and felt emotions very strongly. They rally came to life! It was a little bit like reuniting with old friends. Stefan has a remarkable way of taking you deep with a gentle and relaxing manner. I felt completely safe, supported and guided. I was moved by his level of presence and care. It was a really wonderful and insightful experience and birthday gift to myself. I feel changed from the experience and I’m really glad that I did it.”

Yoyoe Amicus
Art Therapist / Teen Life Coach at