An opportunity to practice and to receive energetic healing.

We are all capable of channelling healing energy.

Offering and receiving healing can be extremely beneficial. Healings are a unique opportunity to deeply relax and allow energetic clearing, alignment and integration, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

This class will offer practical techniques to help you prepare for and then offer a healing to another person.

Techniques shared include,

• Clearing your own energy.
• Centring yourself in your heart centre.
• Invoking healing energy.
• Opening to allow healing energy to flow through you to another person.
• Relaxing and allowing yourself to be guided as you offer healing.
• Allowing yourself to be present and aware of what you observe while offering a healing.

Each participant will have the opportunity to offer healing and to receive healing. After each healing takes place there is time for a debrief of what was seen, felt and experienced.

During the healings no physical contact is made. A person offering a healing will have their hands near the person receiving but not touching them.


6 week Essence Experience Series
$240$195 concession

Per class
$45$38 concession

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