Meet Your Personal Spirit Guide

Your personal spirit guide brings clear guidance and loving healing energy.

This class is an opportunity for you to be introduced to your personal spirit guide.

We all have a personal spirit guide. They are always with you and ready to assist you at any time.

Your personal spirit guide is a person who has lived in the past and is now active as a guide in spirit. Your guide offers the unique insights and wisdom from the life they lived and also a clear unmediated connection to your higher self’s energy, love and wisdom.

By presenting themselves in a human form, with a personality, their own sense of humour, knowledge and insights, this helps to make a guide’s unique offerings of guidance and love accessible to us. A personal spirit guide knows what it is like to be incarnated here on earth in a human body and has deep empathy, understanding, wisdom and experience to offer us about how to make choices that really serve us.

Developing a working relationship with your personal spirit guide takes time, practice, faith and trust. The benefits of this relationship can be extraordinary and life changing.

If this interests you, this event is a great introduction to meet your personal spirit guide. Ongoing weekly class are also offered to help you practice connecting to your guide, to feel their energy and what they want to communicate to you and through you.


6 week Essence Experience Series
$240$195 concession

Per class
$45$38 concession

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