Prayer & Invocation

Join in a conscious participation in creation and manifestation.

During this class we will demystify what praying is and offer practical ways to approach praying. You will be offered tools to help you clarify and compose your own prayers to seed conscious intentions.

This class will cover,

• What is praying & invocation?
• How does praying work?
• How to compose an effective prayer?
• What are we co-creating with?
• What part does faith and trust play in praying?
• How to clarifying intention.
• How to focus energy on what you are asked for.
• How to invoke the energy that can best help manifest the request.
• How to let go and allow the request to be met in a way that serves you and all involved.

For me personally, prayer and invocation is a crucial part of my daily practice and especially for any work I do with clients.


6 week Essence Experience Series
$240$195 concession

Per class
$45$38 concession

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